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From pet care to cardiac rehabilitation, Wellist connects you to resources in over 20 categories.

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Everyone deserves help when they're trying to get well.

MemorialCare has teamed up with Wellist to give you customized recommendations for support services. Wellist can help find grocery delivery near your home, discounted transportation to the hospital or cardiac rehabilitation services.

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To create a directory of the top patient resources, Wellist carefully evaluates thousands of vendors. We then match these services to your location, condition and specific needs. While many of the services we recommend are free or subsidized, some require an out of pocket fee.

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What people have said about Wellist

"We traveled to a new city for treatment, and getting recommendations for ways to relax outside of the hospital made us feel like people again, not just patients."

- Husband, theater goer, caregiver

"Wellist helped me get in touch with child care centers for my kids much faster than I could have on my own. I would never have known these resources existed"

- Mother of 6, football fan, caregiver

"When my diagnosis required me to change my eating habits, Wellist listened to my needs gave me choices that made me feel like I had options again."

- Grandmother, food lover, patient
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Wellist is a complimentary service offered by MemorialCare to its patients. MemorialCare does not endorse any of the services or vendors suggested or referred by Wellist. Further, the lists of services and vendors provided by Wellist are not exhaustive and many similar services and vendors are likely available to patients.  Services and vendors mentioned or omitted do not constitute endorsement or disregard.  Patients are solely responsible for determining if a particular service or vendor is acceptable.  MemorialCare assumes no liability for any patient’s use of Wellist or any of its referred services or vendors.

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